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December 2016

  • We partnered and exhibited at the 6th Dresdner Werkstoffsymposium 2016 „Additive Manufacturing“ at the Westin Bellevue Hotel Dresden. The Werkstoffsymposium is a platform to get in contact with interests from research and industry within the field of material science in Dresden.


  • What is DRESDEN-concept? What is it all about? How can I benefit from it? This and more has been presented during the Information event on 7th December 2016 which took place in the auditorium of the SLUB (Saxon State and University Library). As a DRESDEN-concept project we have also been available to answer questions about the Dresden Technology Portal.

November 2016

  • In order to inform our users even better about the availabilty of equipment, we introduced the following classification:

    1. independent use of instrument
    2. assisted use of instrument
    3. service
    4. instrument sorted out Furthermore we slightly redesigned the layout of our website.
  • The Dresden Technology Portal was represented at the European Technology Transfer Conference held in Stockholm from November 23-25 2016. ASTP-Proton is providing a platform for European Technology Transfer Professionals and this Fall-Meeting took place under the motto: “Working together, sharing experiences.

ASTP-Proton Fall Meeting 2016

  • We partnered and exhibited at the International Textile Conference in the ICC Dresden. Boasting over 700 participants most recently, this conference counts as one of the most important textile conference in Europe.


  • We pointed out to the Dresden Technology Portal during the TRANSFER WEEK 2016 „Energy and Materials“ at TU Dresden.


October 2016

  • We exhibited at the Bionection Partnering Conference for Technology Transfer in Life Science in Halle.

Bionection Halle

September 2016

  • Along the 4th Industry Partner Day, which was hosted by our DRESDEN-concept member Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology (FEP), we informed about the Dresden Technology Portal.

  • We partnered and exhibited at IEEE 5G Dresden Summit in the International Conference Center (ICC) Dresden. This one day summit did provide a platform for the industry leaders, innovators, and researchers from the industry and academic community to collaborate and exchange ideas in the emerging 5G technology.

TIEEE 5G Dresden Summit

  • During the „Electrical and Computer Engineering“ Faculty Day at TU Dresden we informed all interested people about the Dresden Technology Portal.

Tag der Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

August 2016

  • We published within the Dresdner Transferbrief. Download the E-Journal as a pdf file.

July 2016

  • From 4th July until 3rd October 2016, the DRESDEN-concept Science Exhibition addresses current research questions. The exhibition is located on the Neumarkt Square in Dresden and aims to inspire residents and visitors with scientific highlights. Take the chance and inform yourself about DRESDEN-concept and our partners from the Dresden Technology Portal.

Dresden Concept auf dem Dresdner Neumarkt

June 2016

  • We partnered and exhibited at EEE-Conferenz (Entwerfen Entwickeln Erleben) within the beautiful ambiance of Palais im Großen Garten.

EEE-Konferenz im Dresdner Palais im Großen Garten

  • With a banner we are represented at the information desk of our colleagues from DRESDEN-concept during Dresdner Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft.

Dresdner Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft 2016

May 2016

April 2016

  • We partnered and exhibited at Deutsche Biotechnologie Tage (D.B.T.) in Leipzig.

Deutsche Biotechnologie Tage D.B.T. 2016

  • With the help of a template (excel, CSV) our users are able to import/ upload several instruments and services with one click.


November 2015

  • We partnered and exhibited at the conference "Zukunft Energie" by Fraunhofer IWS.

Zukunft Energie

October 2015

  • We learned about latest trends in computer technology at the International PHP Conference.


  • We changed our name from Technology Platform into Dresden Technology Portal. In order to avoid further confusions, we decided to change the name into something more intuitive and descriptive.

Dresden Technologieportal DTP

  • We exhibited at the Bionection Partnering Conference for Technology Transfer in Life Science in Leipzig.

Bionection in Leipzig 2015

September 2015

  • We exhibited at the conference Werkstoffwoche in Dresden.


June 2015

  • We have re-designed our portal to be responsive supporting a wide range of mobile devices.

Responsive Design DTP

January 2015

  • A new release of our portal software is online. It provides sustainability for the long future primarily, and a few improvements regarding a more appealing and intuitive user interface.
  • Currently, there are technical problems with single sign-on, i.e., when authenticating users at their home institutions. Please apologize. We are working on this issue.


October 2013

  • A new interface (RESTful web services) allows to automate synchronizing content of our partners with our central database.

September 2013

  • The database now includes further instruments that are imported from the BioDIP database automatically.

July 2013

  • Our team has grown by one more professional web developer. Welcome!

April 2013

  • Instruments of the Imaging Platform of the DZNE are now available.
  • The IFN became BioDIP. These instruments get imported from the new source BioDIP.

March 2013

  • Services are now available for entering and searching.

January 2013

  • We hire a web developer.


December 2012

  • We reported about the status quo, recent and future activities to the DRESDEN-Board.
  • The SAML infrastructure of the TP for distributed authentication has been extended to connect with the identity provider of the HZDR.

October 2012

  • The UI, menu structure and navigation have been improved significantly. Thus, your bookmarked links may have changed!
  • The new alias tp.dresden-concept.de provides a short address to the Technology Platform that is conform to both, English as well as German.

September 2012

  • A new interface allows to automatically import instruments of the MPI-CBG LMF & TDS and the Biotec/CRTD Imaging facilities from the BioDIP Wiki into the Technology Platform.
  • The profile pages of instruments and institutions has been improved significantly.
  • Our new login server is online - a secure SAML 2.0 based infrastructure for secure, state of the art user authentication and single sign-on. Now, partner institutes can easily provide secure access for their members of staff to the Technology Platform.

August 2012

  • We introduced the Technology Platform to interested members of the HZDR in-house on 29th Aug, 2012.
  • A short article in the magazine "Insider" informs members of staff of the HZDR about the Technology Platform, German PDF available here.

July 2012

  • We are hiring! Students and freelancers please check here.
  • A short article in the magazine "Insider" informs members of staff of the HZDR about the Technology Platform, German PDF available here.

June 2012

  • A couple of scientific instruments of the Fraunhofer IWS are available now.

May 2012

  • The "Dresdner Universitätsjournal" publishes an article on how the Technology Platform supports efficient research, German PDF available here.

March 2012

  • The menu structure has been revised completely introducing new main menu items Equipment and Partners, as well as quick statistics in Equipment.

February 2012

  • A new full-text search function is available now.


December 2011

  • A number of scientific instruments of the Leibniz IPF are available now.

November 2011

  • An article introducing the Technology Platform appeared in edition 03/2011 of the "Dresdner TransferBrief", German PDF available here.
  • A number of scientific instruments of the MPI-CBG are available now.
  • The search for structural units/institutions has been improved.

October 2011

  • A training course introduces the Technology Platform and how it integrates with the TUD FIS on Oct 27.

September 2011

  • Points of contact can be specified for each individual device.
  • Support email contact available based on a ticket system.

July 2011

  • Users registered at the TUD "Forschungsinformationssystem" (FIS) are granted access to this platform.
  • New design of the DRESDEN-concept available.
  • Migration of 800 scientific devices of selected professorships of the TU Dresden from FIS.

June 2011

  • Members of staff of the MPI-CBG are granted access to this platform using their in-house credentials.
  • Searching for the German name of a structural unit.
  • Input of formatted text using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Logging in uses secure connection for transmitting user's credentials.

May 2011

  • Different kinds of provision of devices, dependent on the user's experience level with this specific device.
  • Limited visibility of devices in search results. The provider of a device specifies up to which level of his or her organisation hierarchy the device can be found.
  • Deployment to the live server.
  • Filtering search results according to a specified partner institution.
  • Filtering search results according to a specified device classification key.
  • Searching for an institution as a quick way to navigate to it.